Multi-functional Exercising Apparatus SXL-090

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    Specification: 1420x780x2225mm

    Chief Function: Strengthen muscles group power and flexibility of upper limbs, waist, abdomen, back and shoulders; improve the activity ability of shoulders, elbows, waist, abdomen, wrist and finger joints


    A. Both hands hold the upper crossbeam, relax the parts lower than waist & back, do hanging or pulling up, return slowly

    B. Both hands hold the horizontal part of the handrails tightly, upper limbs support the body to the arm straight, bend arms slowly to a certain position, then return

    C. Both hands hold the vertical part of the handrails tightly, forearms on the beams, back adjoin with the crossbeam, support the body, lower limbs straightly raise and fall

    D. Both hands hold the curved bars at the bottom, do push-up

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